Samuel A. Kojoglanian, MD, FACC, FSCAI

Joe’s dad had a heart attack and died at age 45
So Joe thought when he got to the same age, he wouldn’t be alive
He worried and fretted and put his heart in overdrive
And wouldn’t you know it, at age 45, his health took a dive

Joe was healthy and refused to smoke
He didn’t have any risks for a heart attack or a stroke
But he couldn’t go to sleep because worrying would evoke
The fear of dying, so many nights from scattered rest, he awoke

Things got worse when he turned 44
His productivity at work was not as before
The fear of “something bad is going to happen” hit him to the core
And anxiety, fear and worry took root in his heart’s corridor

On his 45th birthday, 911 arrived
And on my cardiac cath lab table, Joe’s life was revived
He made it through the heart attack and survived
And we talked about the peace from which he was deprived

As his heart artery was clogged and caused a heart attack
We saved his life, gave him love, and sound feedback
He didn’t have to live in a world of worry that causes lack
Lack of peace that causes poor health, leading him to crack

You can worry yourself into disease and live in fear
You can let anxiety pierce your heart like a spear
Tomorrow will come and go and disappear
Now is sufficient for you to stop, reflect, be thankful and persevere

Why worry when worry adds stress, makes you a mess, gives you less, gets you depressed, steals your success, and instead of progressing makes you regress!

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Last Modified: November 23, 2014